A Guide to Home Care Services Post-Test

1. What is the name of the document provided to clients that identifies the type of license the provider holds and the services they may or may not provide under the scope of their license?(Required)
2. An agency with a Basic Home Care license can provide Medication Management services.(Required)
3. How many types of licensing surveys are there?(Required)
4. Baseline screening for Tuberculosis (TB) includes which of the following:(Required)
5. Employees can provide direct care to clients while the agency waits for the results of the required background study.(Required)
6. What is the name of the document that includes a description of the services to be provided, the fees for services and the frequency of each service?(Required)
7. The provider must notify clients of any change in provider fees before the affected services are provided.(Required)
8. Orientation to Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease or Related Disorders must include:(Required)
8. The agency may act as a power-of-attorney or accept appointment as legal guardian or conservator if the client requests.(Required)
9. The laws that provide the standards for use & protection of a client’s personal, financial, medical and any other identifiable information is known as:(Required)
10. Basic Home Care Services include which of the following:(Required)