Bill of Rights Review Post-Test

1. Clients are given a copy of their rights upon admission and at least annually thereafter.(Required)
2. Clients have the right to refuse services or treatment.(Required)
3. Clients do not need to be allowed to reasonably follow their cultural and ethnic practices and religion.(Required)
4. Clients have the right to be served by people who are properly trained and competent to perform their duties.(Required)
5. North Star Nursing staff are not mandated reporters.(Required)
6. Clients have the right to place and electronic monitoring devices within their home if they are in compliance with state requirements.(Required)
7. Clients have the right to be told before receiving services the(Required)
8. What types of client information should be kept private?(Required)
9. A client wishes to make a complaint against the agency you work for. You should:(Required)
10. What types of abuse are reportable?(Required)